Tamarind House, Seedless Dried Tamarind

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Product Ingredient/Detail:

  • Delicious Real Dried Fruit with Seedless Sweet Tamarind.

  • Made from Sweet Tamarind of Petchaboon Province Thailand.

  • Plenty with Antioxidant ,Vitamin and Fiber.

  • Product of Thailand

  • Tamarind its benefit Tamarind - one of the famous tropical fruit - has its own unique special benefit and taste.

  • The distinctive benefits of Tamarind as the ease of digestion, body heat reduction, cold sore throat relief, lead to the mixture of herbal medicine pill, and its variety of candies, snacks and ingredients.

  • We select the best sweet tamarind frorn Petchaboon Province for producing delicious tamarind snacks under the brand name "Tamarind House" from local wisdom and creativities, the products have been created in varieties.